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MOR DESIGN Is Back in Business

Welcome to MOR DESIGN! For those who don’t know, this website is a completely new version of a web portfolio I had to briefly take down last month, so I’m excited to have my portfolio back up and running again.

If I had known how easy and stress-free it is to build and maintain a personal website on WordPress via shared hosting, I would’ve done it sooner (not that I didn’t know how to use WordPress or a shared hosting service, but still). I plan to use WordPress more often for most, if not all, of my web development needs from now on. Also, I’m back with Dreamhost for all of my web hosting needs as well.

I currently have a web design blog called The Writer’s Design (with a WordPress URL and everything) that my old website linked to, and I haven’t decided whether to transfer the old posts to this blog or start over from scratch and start writing an entirely new blog instead. Is it time to begin The Writer’s Design 2.0? I’m just happy to have a MOR DESIGN web portfolio I can be proud of again.

Thanks for reading!


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