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7 Jobs Where Your Web Design Degree Will Be the Most Useful

You put in the labor for an exciting yet practical two-to-four-year degree. Now you’re ready to enter an industry that’s in high demand for people who specialize in programming, graphic arts, and digital communications. But besides the obvious, what exactly can a person do with a web design degree?

If you majored in web design to become a web designer, that’s okay. I graduated from a two-year program so I could apply the skills I acquired to jobs outside of the web design field as well as within it. In other words, web design doesn’t have to be the only career path.

Here are seven jobs where you can put your web design degree to good use:

Front End Developer

Front end developers build and maintain websites, which involve skills like coding, testing, and debugging. Professionals in this line of work need to demonstrate strong problem-solving skills, along with technical knowledge in areas such as HTML and CSS, JavaScript, frameworks, responsive design, and cross-browser compatibility.

WordPress Developer

This kind of web developer makes custom plugins and responsive themes for client websites that run on WordPress. A good understanding of web development, combined with programming skills and an eye for aesthetics, are key qualifications in this field. Experience with WordPress and user interface technologies are a must.

Graphic Designer

If web development isn’t your thing, consider a career in graphic design. Apply your skills in typography, photo-editing, and illustration to generate content for visual media such as advertising, web pages, and product design.

Multimedia Specialist 

Multimedia specialists design and develop products, systems, and multimedia applications that entertain, educate, persuade, or inform the user. This is the perfect career for designers who like to work with mixed media and who are proficient in software design programs like Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro X.

Social Media Manager

As a social media manager, you’ll be responsible for maintaining a client’s image across multiple social media platforms, as well as engaging with customers and posting content on a regular basis. In addition to web design skills, marketing skills (and previous experience) are crucial to success.

Web Content Developer 

Content developers write and create content for websites, usually after conducting research to meet the client’s needs and so that the content is timely and accurate. This content may include web pages, images, videos, infographics, and marketing copy. While previous experience is helpful, success is determined by writing and video production skills.

Web Content Writer 

Unlike a content developer, a content writer generates written content only, which can include anything from a press release to a blog post. This job requires stellar writing skills and a familiarity with SEO best practices.

Web design skills are highly sought after by employers both in and out of the IT industry. Whether you have previous work experience or no experience at all, your web design degree will have lasting value over time. As you take the next step towards your future career, start building a web portfolio (if you don’t already have one) to showcase your skills to potential employers.


What jobs have you applied for with your web design degree? Do you work in a non-IT industry where your design skills are used every day? Leave your answers in the comments below!

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