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How to Write a Killer Blog Post Intro That Will Hook the Reader

Inviting readers to your blog post with an attention-grabbing headline is not an easy feat. Keeping their interest past the first sentence is a whole different challenge.

As a content writer, I’ve found that the intro is vital when it comes to a blog post’s readability. Engagement is everything, and if the reader becomes bored or confused after one or two paragraphs, they’re moving on to the next thing.

The intro should not only invite the reader to the post they’re about to read, but it should also sell the idea or solution that’s being introduced.

While there is no single template for the perfect blog post introduction, there are several key ways to write an opening that will engage readers and leave them wanting more.

Here are six examples of a blog post introduction that will hook your audience:

  • Keep it short and to the point. Readers want one thing when they read a blog post: the main idea that was proposed in your headline. Most people assume they won’t find it in the intro, so why waste their time with a lengthy, over-the-top opening? Get to the good stuff by writing short, precise paragraphs (1-2 sentences each) and addressing the issue at hand.
  • Get personal. Make a connection with the reader by sharing a few details about who you are personally or professionally. Address the audience like you would a friend or colleague. By forming a connection with you, readers will form a connection with the content.
  • Tell an anecdote or story. Anecdotes are short, amusing stories about real people or events. Adding an anecdote or personal story to the intro is one way of keeping readers engaged as well as entertained. The story should be relevant to the post’s main idea.
  • Ask questions. Asking questions like “why” and “what” will pique readers’ interests and make them curious. Also, it’s possible that readers are visiting your blog with questions of their own. By asking questions, you invite the audience into the post, which will provide the answers.
  • Present the facts. Details add value to any piece of writing. Stating the facts in a post tells the reader that you’re credible and trustworthy, encouraging them to continue reading. Introduce a fact or statistic related to the subject of your post.
  • Identify the problem, then the solution. A blog post should have a goal, whether it’s to educate, inform, or entertain people. When you address the reader’s problem, the reader will expect that you’ll provide a solution to their problem. Use the introduction to hint at the solution, which you will explain more thoroughly in the main body of your post.


Writing a great blog post introduction that hooks the reader can be a daunting task. But it’s not impossible to achieve. Be bold and precise with your intros, and identify the issue within the first few paragraphs. Don’t forget your SEO best practices, either.


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