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Blog Writing

Blog writing is an essential promotional tool for anyone who owns a website. When used consistently, blog posts increase a website’s rank via search engine optimization (SEO), making the site easier to find on Google.

What else is blog writing good for?

Blog writing helps to…

  • Engage site visitors with meaningful content once they’ve landed on your website
  • Attract more site visitors and increase traffic (hello, marketing)
  • Convert more leads
  • Improve brand loyalty
  • Promote or sell your business, brand, organization, or idea(s)
  • Gain influence and authority in your industry

Running a weekly or biweekly blog requires research, content creation such as photography or video, and then—well, writing the actual posts. While blogging can do wonders for your business or brand, it can be time-consuming and easily disregarded if not done regularly.

As a writer, I dedicate time and energy to the craft on a daily basis. When I’m not managing a website or a web design blog, I’m writing creatively in my spare time and brainstorming more content to write later.

My blog writing service includes the choice of a biweekly or monthly posting schedule, but clients can request a customized posting schedule to fit the needs of their business or brand as required.

When I write blog posts for clients, they can expect:
  • 2-3 blog topic ideas
  • A 300 to 350-word blog post
  • At least one stock photo
  • SEO efficiency

I use the latest SEO tools and plugins to guarantee that every blog post written is optimized to perfection.

If you believe your website could benefit from a high-quality blog, then you’ve come to the right place. Contact me today so we can start writing and build your Google search ranking!

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