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Video Editing

You shot hours worth of video footage, which you need to cut down to ten minutes or less. But unless you have professional video editing skills and software, you’re looking to spend more hours chopping up clips in Windows Movie Maker just to create a semi-decent promo or YouTube vlog.

Without quality editing, a video can quickly loses its audience due to poor audio, clips that don’t sync up, or lackluster visuals. A high-quality video engages the audience when it runs smoothly and features content that’s coherent and easy to follow, which ensures those viewers will return for future videos.

Editing videos requires an investment in time, tools, and effort. Luckily I can spare all three.

I edit my videos using Adobe CC software such as Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Animate, with minimal turnaround from start to finish.

I provide the following video editing services:

  • Frame-by-frame video editing, using Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Video stabilization
  • Transitions between scenes and video clips
  • Lower-third animation
  • Text graphics and credits
  • Add subtitles/closed captions
  • Slow motion/fast motion
  • Video and audio sync
  • Color correction
  • Cropping
  • Add stock images
  • Add background music

The MOR DESIGN Video Editing Service Process

Here is a brief summary of what clients can expect from the video editing service process:

  1. An online consultation to discuss editing specifications (via document)
  2. The client uploads the video file
  3. The video file is edited according to specs laid out during consultation
  4. The client reviews the video file*
  5. The video file is finalized and uploaded for the client to download

*Clients can review the video file as many times as needed until they are satisfied with the finished result.


Are you ready to energize your video with expert-level editing and graphics? If you want to learn more about how I edit videos, contact me today.

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